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1994 - 96 M.F.A Sculpture and Photography, Pratt Institute of Art

1994 - 96 B.F.A., Drawing and Painting, magna cum laude, The University of Georgia

1989-92 B.A., Art History and Romance Languages, magna cum laude, The University of Georgia

1989 La Universidad de Madrid


2001 RARE NY, New York, New York. Solo Exhibition. Photography
MC Magma, Untitled, Milan, Italy. Solo Exhibition. Photography
ANGSTROM GALLERY, Untitled, Dallas, Texas. Solo Exhibition. Photography

2000 VEDANTA, Solo, Chicago. Solo Exhibition. Photography
GALERIA LUIS ADELANTADO, Valencia, Spain. Solo Exhibition. Photograhy

1999 RARE NY, You and What Army, New York, New York. Solo Exhibition. Photography


2000 EXIT ART, New York, New York, Photography
SF Cameraworks, Untitled (Conjecture), San Francisco, California, Photography
Angstrom Gallery, Summer Show 2000, Dallas, Texas. Photography
P.S. 122, Flesh of the Boy Flesh of the Girl, New York. Photography
IM n IL, Sidelong Glance, New York. Photography
Good Business Is the Best Art, New York. Photography
ART IN GENERAL, Manly, New York. Photography
WHITE COLUMNS, Posers, New York. Photography
TATE, Hard, New York. Two Person Exhibitio. Photography/Drawings on Mylar

1998 TATE, Open. New York. Photography. STONY BROOK UNION ART GALLERY, Gender (Con)sumption Assumption of Gender. New York. Photography.
THE BRONX MUSEUM OF ART, Artist in the Marketplace: Eighteenth Annual Exhibition New York. Photography.
CBGBs GALLERY, New York. Photography.

1997 PIEROGI 2000, Brooklyn, NY. Flat Files. Photography.
THE BROOKLYN BREWERY, Small Works Show. Brooklyn, NY. Photography.

1996 PRATT STUDIOS, Clot. Brooklyn, NY. MFA Thesis Exhibition. Mixed Media. CALCULATOR, The Smurf Problem. New York. Mixed Media.
K.O.A.P GALLERY, New York. Mixed Media. LEO CASTELLI GALLERY, New York. Benefit for the Bailey House. Photography.
124 RIDGE STREET GALLERY, Male. New York. Mixed Media.
THE NEW GALLERY, Sick. New York. Solo Exhibition. Mixed Media.
8TH FLOOR GALLERY, New York. Mixed Media.

1995 HUMAN ARTS GALLERY, Atlanta. Solo Exhibition. Mixed Media.
450 BROADWAY GALLERY, New York. Photography.
THE NEW GALLERY, One (Boy) Show New York. Solo Exhibition. Mixed Media.
HUMAN ARTS GALLERY, Atlanta. Mixed Media.


1998 The Bronx Museum Artist In The Market Place program

1997 The Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant

1993 The Mary Rosenblat Art Scholarship

1992 Woodruffs Art Center International Art Scholarship

1991 The Maple House Juried Art Competition Scholarship.


1994 University of Georgia Library, Rare Books Collection, Athens, Georgia

2000 Yale University Art Collection, Photography, Connecticut


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Limb by Limb. Arts, Family Values. Issue 7, December 2000/January 2001. pg. 62-63.

2000 Flash Art International. Cannibal. Vol. XXXIII, no. 215. November-December 2000. pg. 75-79.
PAJ: A Journal of Performance And Art. Look At Me: Self-Portrait Photography After Cindy Sherman. By Jennifer Dalton. Vol 66. September 2000. pg. 47-56.
The Chicago Reader. Autoerotica. By Fred Camper. Friday, October 6, 2000. Vol. 30, no. 2, pg. 38 section one.
InterVista. Anthony Goicolea. Vol. IV, no. 23, Summer 2000. pg. 8-10.
Flash Art International. Aperto New York, Ringing Cash Registers at the Idea Depot. By Grady T. Turner. Vol. XXXIII no. 213. pg. 57-60.
LAPIZ. Sidelong Glance. By Francisco Barragan. no. 164. pg.74.
V Magazine. June/July 2000 Issue no. 5. pg. 53-54.
V Magazine. August/September 2000 Issue no. 6. pg 49.
OUT. Arts/Anthony Goicolea. By Scott Heim. May, 2000 pg. 24-25.
New York Arts. Toe to Toe, Tongue to Tongue. By John Perreault. March, 2000 Vol. 5 no. 3 pg. 14-15.
*Surface. Ego Eccentric. By Jeremy Lin. March, 2000 Issue no. 22 pg. 178,189.
Time Out New York. By Bill Arningl. February 17-24, 2000 Issue no. 230 pg. 58.
Detour. Boys Will be Boys. By Shannon Hall. February, 2000 pg. 44.

1999 The Advocate. Portrait of an Artist. By Grady Turner. Sept. 15, 1999
The New York Times. By Ken Johnson. Jan. 29, 1999

1998 The New York Times. By Holland Cotter. Aug. 14, 1998

1997 The Chronicle of Higher Education. By Zoe Ingalls. Vol. XLIV, no. 2, September 5, 1997

1996 STIM. ( Issue #6, October 1996
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